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Our products cover double panel, high multi-layer panel, high density interconnection (HDI) panel, flexible panel, rigid-flex bonding panel, aluminum substrate, high-frequency/high-speed board I metal substrate, ceramic substrate and so on. They are used in many fields, such as consumer, lighting, computer peripheral, network, digital products, communication, automobile peripheral, medical equipment, new energy, intelligent terminal, military, industrial control, power supply and so on. Only through win-win cooperation can we develop, win-win cooperation can we improve cooperation. In this era of market economy and the Internet, where competition is fierce and fierce, cooperation and win-win cooperation are the choices of the times. The success of many things lies in cooperation, the company is located in the Fenghuang Industrial Park of Ji''''''''an County, Ji''''''''an County Province, Ji''''''''an, Jiangxi province. As the government''''''''s key development industries to introduce. Located in Ganzhong electronic industry cluster circle, has a good supply chain as support. With the support of government policy, we have been deeply cultivating PCB industry for many years, keeping pace with the times, always taking the road of high quality and green development. Adhering to the “Sustainable operation, win-win Cooperation” business philosophy, we strive to provide customers with fast, safe and reliable printed circuit board products and services.